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Gas Furnace Boiler For Heating

Gas Furnace Boiler For Heating

Factors which influence energy-intensive industrial furnace boiler for heating energy-intensive industrial boilers factors influencing factors which have high energy consumption of industrial boilers which have 1, energy consumption is low management level industrial boiler is too large, are long-term presence of many companies in the current . On the one hand understanding of the enterprise energy conservation boiler is still not sufficient, on the other hand the energy management level is still at a low level, and even some companies even the most basic measuring instruments are not equipped. In order to reduce operating costs, many companies have to buy the old boiler use, lack of components purchased fuel means of inspection. Even in the case of raw coal screening is not performed, it is directly put into production use, it is difficult to ensure full combustion of coal. Not only the thermal efficiency is low, but also resulted in a waste of fuel. 2, heat recovery is poor combustion is incomplete, the situation is the high rate of heat loss is extremely common in industrial boilers used in the process, saving the main parameters of the boiler will be exceeded. Economizer function is to heat energy recovered, but in actual use, heat recovery efficiency is very low. In this case, do not use a lot of boiler economizer direct altogether, inevitably produce exhaust gas temperature is too high. Meanwhile, return the device and steam condensate recovery, it has not been fully appreciated and better use, some are put to use in the boiler after installation, and did not take appropriate measures to deal with poor recycling effect. 3, lack of effective supervision of the level of energy service work, depends largely on the level of experience and technical personnel. But in practical terms, due to the lack of technical personnel, resulting in the energy service work at the level of the low. Various enterprises produced energy-saving products with high imitation, coupled with the lack of effective supervision of energy-saving measures, resulting in the entire market of energy-saving products more confusing. The effect of not only energy-saving effect is not ideal, and to transform the poor, the performance of energy-saving products remains to be greatly improved. Market confusion, vicious competition phenomenon has not been fundamentally curbed.

Jinzhou construction and installation company needs an electric heating hot water furnace boiler for heating house construction, after screening and comparison of various brand boiler industry, our excellent results in the cleaning of the boiler industry has been attracted to each other, in mid-2016, the Jinzhou construction and installation the company I signed with an electric heating pressure hot water boiler.

Boiler precipitator technical principles of environmental protection and the development trend in recent years, the rapid development of gas power plant furnace boiler for heating in the direction of large-capacity, high-parameter, either manufacturing or operations management have been close to the advanced level. Boiler and gas industry to maintain large, widely distributed, high energy consumption, heavy pollution, energy efficiency and pollution control the overall level compared with foreign countries have a certain gap, a huge energy saving potential. By the end of 2012, China's use of gas in industrial boilers 467 000 units, with a total capacity of 1.78 million tons of steam, the annual consumption of about 700 million tons of coal, accounting for over 18% of the country's total coal consumption. China's gas lower overall energy efficiency of industrial boilers, about 15 percent of its actual operating efficiency lower than the international advanced level, with great potential for energy savings. In recent years the rapid development of technology the dust bag, in particular accessory bag filter (dust bag, dust bag cage pulse valve, control of the PLC technology, etc.) to improve quickly, while baghouse 10% desulfurization efficiency can be improved It is dry boiler flue gas desulfurization one of the major thermal power plant equipment. Boiler precipitator dust is the most effective pollution control equipment. It has a high dust removal efficiency, after the flue gas-containing filter baghouse dust concentrations below 50mg / m3, even at 10mg / m3 or less, and can efficiently remove the fine dust particles. Boiler boiler precipitator not just in the production of which use can also be used in other fields of thermal power. During use of the boiler generating the flue gas and dust is inevitable, the boiler boiler precipitator dust is separated out from the flue gas, thus reducing the dust pollution and facilitate further flue gas desulfurization, denitrification process. Spark arrestor smoke dust is mainly used in some high temperature and flue gas containing process Mars. For example, the flue gas cupola, intermediate frequency furnace flue gas, a furnace flue gas and so on. The main role is to eliminate smoke sparks, to avoid burning dust bag. Spark arrestor has a variety of structural forms, cyclone, louvered like. The most effective way of collecting cyclone is, the guide vanes guide the flue gas using a cyclone-type rotational flow, after the dust and large particles Mars cylindrical guide vane duct wall collision or off. When the smelting furnace flue gas containing spark large particles, dust bag will cause damage. Mars trap can effectively trap particles Mars in the flue gas, the protection of the bag filter. The entire device by the PLC control unit, automatic cleaning, discharging and automatic temperature control and over-temperature announcer.

The output power of the burner should be matched with the rated output of the furnace boiler for heating, and the shape of the flame, such as length and diameter, should be selected to suit the furnace structure. Supply the air needed for fuel combustion from the torch root to make the oil mist or gas and air mix evenly and quickly to ensure complete combustion.

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