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1600 Kw Automatic Boiler

1600 Kw Automatic Boiler

Fast 1600 kw automatic boiler gas boiler does not require the successful launch of the condenser can be achieved condensation! Split, one condensing boiler, is the traditional boiler technology leap. The flue gas condenser secondary use, to enhance the thermal efficiency of the boiler. The installation of condensing boilers are now common condensing heat exchanger in the boiler Cnvective tail, consisting of separate condensing boiler structure, although the thermal efficiency has improved, but the current global resource scarcity, environmental degradation, or can not meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection. Fast boiler condensing gas boiler as a leader in technology continue to seek a breakthrough. Data analysis by large, condensation heat transfer is the heat and mass transfer processes coexist, as the process occurs, will be subjected to a condensing flue gas heat exchanger by a heat exchange beads in the process of film condensation heat transfer. Condensing boiler is not simply adding a simple two condensing heat exchanger can achieve its overall function, which is a combination of the condensing heat exchanger, corrosion resistant material, regulation and control of the variable output, a plurality of burners proportional regulation new application engineering concepts. Efficient and environmentally friendly use a condensing boiler must adapt a particular heat transfer element of a wet flue gas condensation heat transfer enhancement, to achieve more efficient and energy-saving goals.

Recently, the Guangzhou City issued an action "Guangzhou 2018 annual work plan for comprehensive prevention and control of air pollution," the bureau of law enforcement to monitor the detachment on August 28 = 29 organizations launched a special enforcement action against a biomass 1600 kw automatic boiler.

The special enforcement action by the municipal and district levels of environmental protection departments jointly launched, deployed Yuexiu, Tianhe, Haizhu, Huangpu, Conghua five district environmental protection law enforcement backbone, with the Guangzhou City Environmental Protection law enforcement inspection detachment composed of 18 cross-law enforcement group, to increase the city all registration to carry out quality checks of 125 biomass boilers in the book, focus on examination of Guangzhou boiler emissions monitoring system in Zengcheng District registered the existence of complex biomass boilers coal or other high-polluting fuels, whether there are special furnace and supporting bag dust removal facilities, whether the normal operation of the boiler control facilities, whether discharge standards as required entry and update Guangzhou boiler emission monitoring system and other issues.

After verification, the registration system by the city list in the boiler has been disabled (off or relocated) boiler station 43, not included in the other eight found regulatory list table 133 actually inspected. Among them, 28 units involving suspected violations accounted for in the boiler problem with the boiler (90 units) ratio of 31%, the problem of coal-fired boilers in complex 2, the resurgence of firewood, 11, allegedly did not apply for environmental protection procedures, waste gas treatment is not installed facility or facilities are not the normal use and other illegal activities 15. For complex high-polluting coal and wood fuel boiler according to law-site seizure and transfer penalties and territorial environmental protection departments to follow up treatment in accordance with the relevant provisions of Article 107 of the "People's Republic of China Air Pollution Prevention Law." The rest were arrested for illegal transfer of territorial environmental protection departments for investigation.

Hazard scale steam 1600 kw automatic boiler steam boiler scale produced when using what harm it? Xiao Bian told you about hazards under the steam boiler scale today, hope can help to you. 1, waste of fuel, because the thermal conductivity decrease the thermal efficiency of the steam boiler scale ten times larger than the thermal conductivity of steel to the fractional number of times. Thus when the steam boiler scale junction, heat transfer performance of the steam boiler heating surface is deteriorated, fuel combustion heat is not released efficiently transferred to the boiler water, a large amount of heat is taken away by the flue gas, resulting in increased exhaust gas temperature, increase heat loss, reduce the thermal efficiency of the furnace. In this case, in order to ensure the parameters of steam boilers, adding more fuel would have to increase the temperature of the furnace and flue gas temperature, thus resulting in wasted fuel. It was estimated that the furnace has a heating surface junction 1mm thick scale, waste of fuel from about 3% to 5%. 2, the impact the safe operation of the steam boiler scale often generate high heat load heating surface. Scale due to the poor thermal conductivity, leading to greatly increased local temperature of the metal wall. When the temperature exceeds the allowable metal temperature can withstand, the metal creep due to overheating, decrease in strength, the working pressure in the boiler, a metal bulge will occur, and cracking of perforation, affect the safe operation. 3, the decrease of the steam boiler output scaling boiler, heat deterioration due to evaporation or to the rated nominal heat production, it is necessary to consume fuel. However, with the increase in scale thickness, and the area of ​​the grate furnace volume is constant, the fuel consumption is limited, the output of the furnace will be reduced. 4, fouling will reduce the life of the scale steam boiler heating surface shall be completely removed in order to ensure its safe operation. Whether manual, mechanical, or the use of cleaning chemicals will affect its service life. These are the steam boiler scale harm, in order to prevent the generation of scale, we can reduce the water flow rate, regular cleaning and other measures to reduce the harm of scale.

1 ton gas 1600 kw automatic boiler running on natural gas cost calculation

Problem users in the purchase of boiler equipment, in addition to considering the quality and price of the boiler, running costs but also users are most concerned about. As a large industrial boilers special equipment, operating costs after start-up is not low. Today, small series to calculate the running costs of natural gas boiler, to help you better understand the gas boiler.

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