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1Tph Diesel Steam Boiler Heating Boiler

1Tph Diesel Steam Boiler Heating Boiler

7, cold winter season to the boiler antifreeze protection measures.

8, gas leaks and must pay attention to prevention, can ask a professional technical staff to help check the boiler, the average gas hose replaced every two years.

Since 2017, Yongji County, Jilin Province to respond positively to the State Council issued the "Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan" to carry out corresponding work strictly in accordance with national, provincial and municipal environmental requirements.

It is reported that out of Yongji County vigorously promote the renovation work of small coal-fired boilers, promulgated and implemented the "little out of Yongji County boiler work program" to develop "a furnace policy" policy, no longer approve new steam 10 t / h coal-fired boiler , while promoting the phase-out of small coal-fired boilers.

For small coal-fired boiler phase-out program has been effectively implemented, Yongji County Government has formulated "Yongji County eliminate small coal-fired boiler renovation award up approach", the county built area of ​​active users to carry out remediation work out of coal-fired boilers by small standard for financial awards complement, after the introduction of premium policy, and in the mouth before the town government to convene Yongji economic Development Zone, the area held a small coal-fired boilers user related meetings, arrangements for specific phase-out management work, and to a great extent to promote the progress of small coal-fired boilers eliminated.

Since the initial carry out small coal-fired boiler renovation work in 2017 to the present day, Yongji county built-up areas out of a total of 59 small coal-fired boiler units, a total of 16 sets of 20 tons of steam / hour non-electric and coal-fired boilers intention has been completed to upgrade pollution control facilities renovation work.

3, operation and management reasons

General user units fireman fuel gas boiler operation and management of the more strange, there are many irregularities in the operation. Hot water boiler heating system is typically connected together, if during operation, the outlet water temperature of the boiler is low, then the end of the smoke tube flue gas temperature is lowered, so that dew condensation easily an acid source, the formation of smoke corrosion pipe. By using the gas boiler user surveys show that different boiler unit fuel with the same gas, since the operation of boiler operating mode is not the same, part of boiler unit to the boiler outlet water temperature controlled at above 90 ℃, run through a heating period, although low temperature corrosion of pipe smoke still exist, but they did not cause the accident corrosion leaks. Some users boiler unit to open a hot water circulation pump power, most of the time the water temperature 70 ~ 80 ℃, boiler corrosion of these user units more serious, resulting in smoke tube corrosion perforation. Theoretical analysis and run proved that the way to improve the operation of the boiler outlet water temperature to prevent low-temperature heating surface corrosion is effective.

Use low-nitrogen sense of modern boiler While the use of low nitrogen boiler of many years of history, but through tireless research and development continue to import, make sense of the value of the function is more comprehensive improvement, both in the implementation of production standards for production or efficient implementation, low nitrogen modern boilers have a further improvement, especially in the course of a high degree of recognition of low nitrogen cast aluminum boiler is showing its unique value and significance. A, a more secure, to ensure safe operation is dependent on a low nitrogen premix condensing boiler manufacturers excellent productivity, better transmitted to the terminal through the Internet technology system, realized to carry out the remote control, further satisfying a more efficient safer operation carried out, in particular through the Internet to carry out intelligence operations, and the contents of each module can run more precise knowledge to help make more targeted and timely maintenance, to ensure the effective implementation of a comprehensive system fundamentally is stronger security, provide the prerequisites for the implementation of the overall security of more. The use of stronger security features, the basic environment is clearly better use of low nitrogen boiler on the implementation of the fundamental requirements to provide a pre-guarantee. Second, the operation is more convenient in order to better ensure more convenience in the actual operation of the boiler low nitrogen, low nitrogen good reputation of a modern boiler through the introduction of intelligent, modern control, simplifying operations fundamentally processes, specific the opening and closing functions more convenient, one-button start and stop the demand, which is fundamentally better done, boiler automatic system, accurate requirements, further to meet the core requirements of modern production . Especially now with the production of low-nitrogen timber and boiler inside the system more perfect technology, so in actual operation, the show features the use of a more comprehensive, value meaning better and more comprehensive productivity is a fundamental improvement provides basic protection, is really able to bring a comprehensive and systematic action to protect the boilers now produce reliable production equipment.

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