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Mobile Electric Heating Hot Water Boiler

Mobile Electric Heating Hot Water Boiler

Beiqi Panther car 6 tons of steam condensing one fuel gas steam boiler project has been successfully completed. This series boiler adopt advanced design concepts, using the waste heat of flue gas cascade, with the use of the condenser and the economizer fully absorb the waste heat in the flue gas, the boiler efficiency has been greatly improved.

Heating boiler manufacturers an area of ​​five hundred to six square feet of greenhouse-generation high thermal efficiency of the heating system, * the cold winter season, both in fine weather or snow overcast weather, the temperature of the crop can guarantee normal growth and development needs. Improve the insulation performance of the greenhouse, reducing energy consumption, the greenhouse is a direct means of improving production efficiency. 1, safe; no pressure operation will not explode, easy to operate, no fireman certificate also can operate safely. 2, energy; the provincial testing center, the thermal efficiency of up to 85% --- 95%, an area of ​​five hundred to six grade coal fuel level than the steam boilers of ordinary energy more than 50%, the exhaust gas temperature is lower than 80 ℃. 3, environmental protection; no need to erect high chimney, chimney to go indoors. Coals without limitation, combustible bituminous coal, anthracite, wood, straw, natural gas, combustible garbage, etc., with desulphurization and dust removal function. Year after year by the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau to detect meet national environmental standards. 4, saving time; fast heating, ignition 60 minutes to achieve a heating effect. Heating an area of ​​five hundred to six square feet. With various types of presentations boiler, customers can operate their own hands. 5, self-control; using digital microcomputer and advanced inverter technology automatic control, automatic water, automatic control of the heating temperature, the automatic control of the air volume, square boiler manufacturers of heating large water temperature, the shower water temperature can be adjusted, the system is provided with self-protection system, ultra-high temperature from the stop, ultra-low temperature electric valve from closing, the boiler automatically start, automatic alarm. Both to ensure a stable indoor temperature and sufficient quantity of water, but also greatly save fuel. Oil-fired boiler,

Safe and reliable electric boiler performance is controlled and automated electric boiler power as an energy source in its class, its performance is now safe, reliable, controllable and automated boiler products. In addition to strict control, electric boilers need to operate in order to avoid personal risk. If the rice cooker for a long time, there will be aging. How to maintain electric boiler? Let's look at the maintenance of electric boilers: General Electric boilers must 1--2 years for repair and maintenance of electric boiler, is conducive to the normal operation of electric boilers. Electric boilers for regular maintenance is also essential to ensure its proper operation. Boiler maintenance, it must cut off the power supply and release the pressure. Burner every two months to be removed from the boiler body in order to remove foreign materials such as dust and carbon deposits. Photocell wipe once a month, fuel filter should always be clean and filtered. Carefully clean the filter in the pump, not to damage the gasket. Fuel oil is not the case in the absence of idling, so as not to damage the pump. Water level should always be kept clean, clean the valve should be opened once a day to ensure water clarity. Pull safety valve once a day, to prevent rust. After the work is completed, inspection tools, materials and accessories are complete, to prevent them left in the furnace space and so on. After delisting special person, you can complete the inspection before leaving the job site, ready for future maintenance records for the query.

Common Problem and Solution gas boiler 1, the power supply is turned on, by cause of failure is not running after starting the motor are: (1) locking pressure less; (2) solenoid valves lax, joints leak, check the lock; (3) thermal relay opens; (4) condition loop at least one is not satisfied (water level, pressure, temperature, and the programmable controller is powered starter) Remedy: (1) adjusting the air pressure to a predetermined value; (2) cleaning or repair of the solenoid valve conduit linker; (3) press the reset element checks whether the motor current and damage; (4) check the water level, pressure, temperature gauge 2 if, after the normal purging before the start, but misfire malfunction Cause: (1) the amount of electric anger ; (2) the solenoid valve does not work (the main valve, an ignition valve); (3) a solenoid valve burned; (4) pressure instability; (5) the air volume is too large Remedy: (1) inspection and repair line; (2 ) renewal; (3) to adjust the pressure to a predetermined value; (4) decreases with the wind, to reduce the throttle opening 3, misfire, normal air pressure, there is no ignition power failure causes: (1) the ignition transformer burnout ; (2) high-voltage damage or loss; (3) the gap is too large or too small, the relative size of the firing rod position; (4) and electrode breakage or Short circuit; (5) inappropriate pitch, Remedy: (1) renewal; (2) or re-install new ones; (3) 4 readjust after the 5S flame lit, fault cause: (1) is less than atmospheric pressure, too much pressure drop, gas flow is small; (2) air flow rate is too small, incomplete combustion, darker smoke color; (3) the air volume is too large, the gas appears white Remedy: (1) re-adjusting the air, the filter cleaning ; (2) 5 readjusted, fault cause white smoke: (1) air flow rate is too small; (2) too much humidity; (3) a lower exhaust gas temperature, Remedy: (1) transfer of small damper; (2 ) appropriate to reduce the air volume and improve the inlet air temperature; (3) take measures to increase the exhaust gas temperature 6, chimney dripping failure reasons: (1) ambient temperature is low; more (2) a small fire combustion process; (3) gas hydrogen-peroxide amount generated water; (4) long chimney Remedy: (1) reducing the amount of air distribution; (2) reducing the height of the chimney; (3) increase the oven temperature; (4) than the exhaust gas temperature low, stopping state under the control of the damper, the damper position switch signal is not fed back to the program signal, throttle check whether the wiring is loose or switch failure.

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