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Heat Resistant Gasket For Boilers

Heat Resistant Gasket For Boilers

Dezhou City, Shandong Province issued - an important part of "Dezhou 2018 2020 coal consumption reduction alternative work" (the "Program"), the Yajian coal consumption as an ecological civilization construction and environmental protection work, and resolutely fight pollution prevention tough fight. "Plan" put forward, as of 2020, total coal consumption Dezhou control in less than 18.5 million tons, clean heating rate of 70%.

According to "program" requirements, Dezhou vigorously for shutting down the environmental, energy, security and other 300,000 kilowatts of coal-fired units of non-compliance, especially running at least 20 years of pure condensing units and over 25 years of condensate pumping thermoelectric unit. At the same time shutting down out of small coal-fired boilers to reduce coal pollution. Upon completion of the city's 10 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boilers are all clear on the key areas in national, provincial and determined basically eliminated 35 tons of steam / h coal-fired boilers, 65 tons of steam / hour or more coal-fired boilers completed energy efficiency and ultra-low emissions transformation.

Dezhou will also expand the scope of central heating, promoting clean urban and heating, 2020, the Center City District (Germany City, Texas Economic Development Zone, the Canal Economic Development Zone) central heating area of ​​45 million square meters, the other 10 counties (cities, districts) central heating area of ​​41 million square meters, the implementation of central heating pilot projects in rural areas where conditions permit. For areas not covered by central heating, according to the resources in the area of ​​heating conditions, combined with infrastructure construction, promote the substitution of gas for coal to other electricity-generation clean energy alternatives such as coal and biomass. As of 2020, Dezhou city's average clean heating rate of 70%. Among them, the city basically clean heating comprehensive coverage, average clean heating in rural areas reached about 55%.

In addition, Dezhou will continue to increase the proportion of natural gas consumption, substitution of coal consumption, encourage the development of direct supply of natural gas to large users to promote key industrial enterprises, industrial parks to achieve direct supply of natural gas. By 2020, increase the proportion of natural gas consumption in energy consumption to about 7%.

The third reason: the reason why the structure design is scientific and reasonable condensing steam heat resistantket for boilers can have the good heat effect to carry on the long-term heat energy supply, also mainly because the boiler is scientific and reasonable in the structure design can make it use well. For example, the installation of economizers and condensers at the rear end of the factory can not only help improve the efficiency of condensing steam boilers, And the well-selected panel material greatly ensures the sealing and thermal insulation performance of the whole condensing steam boiler.

Fuel gas consumption of formula

The fuel consumption Thermal Efficiency boiler output = ÷ ÷ fuel heating value.

How to avoid the use of gas steam heat resistantket for boilers accident? Rapid social and economic development so that is also extremely fast, and gas steam boiler as heat and power production process equipment, and people's lives are commonly used in industrial applications among development of modern industry. There are a lot of engineering to be used as a gas boiler steam heating equipment. However, if there is improper operation in the operation, it is very easily lead to accidents and leaks, not only a threat to people's lives can also cause economic losses. So how to avoid accidents when using gas steam boiler? 1. Before purging gas steam boiler to prevent the ignition of superior quality gas explosion incidents usually have some protection measures, but still needs to make a purge of the boiler furnace and flue gas channel before the launch, but also the need for the gas supply gas purge conduit. A medium gas supply pipe purged generally used inert gas (such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.), and the purge of the boiler furnace by the flue must flow velocity of the air as the purging medium. After purging, if time is not on fire, then they must then purge the furnace flue, before a second firing. 2. If the quality of exhaust smoke rigorous testing quality standards, on the one hand the discharge of smoke and dust can cause air pollution, on the other hand may also lead to excessive levels of indoor carbon monoxide and cause some accidents, so, in order to ensure environmental protection and safety, gas steam boiler fireman who should be among the adjustment incineration process, the exhaust components of the boiler rigorous testing to determine the excess air ratio and incomplete burning conditions, to ensure the safe use of gas steam boiler. If companies can purchase gas steam boiler trusted to use, and pay more attention to purge the furnace, the flue gas channel before ignition, as well as smoke testing in accordance with strict quality practices in the use of gas steam boiler, thus can effectively improve the safe use of gas steam boiler factor, making it possible to avoid all kinds of accidents.

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