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Diesel Central Heating Boiler

Diesel Central Heating Boiler

Why fully automatic Gas-fired Boiler is well received in the Market

The full automatic gas-fired boiler has the advantages of one-button operation, manual operation, simple installation, convenient operation and automatic operation. As an all-in-one machine, manual mode can be set up. And the tail flue can be installed with condenser to achieve waste heat recovery and improve boiler efficiency. It truly achieved over-pressure interlock and protection leakage protection, water shortage and over-current protection, as a gas safety housekeeper well received market praise.

1, the working principle of widely used gas-fired boiler is similar, the common products of the same kind have definite limits to the use area, and the use of automatic gas-fired boiler is extremely extensive, including the supply of production gas for food processing, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and so on; Medical institutions provide disinfection gas; for other enterprises, institutions, hotels and so on to provide heating steam; but also through the water tank to provide hot water for life, so that a machine can be used more affordable and practical.

2, why can fully automatic gas-fired boilers realize the automation of water supply and heating in sanitary baths? For example, taking the plumbing water supply as an example, the water flow sensing device of the gas-fired boiler can accurately feedback the quantity of the sanitary bath water, that is, the sensor carries on the timely return of the plumbing water temperature, and the professional gas boiler company introduces the supply. After receiving the microcomputer, the intelligent and accurate control of the gas flow rate is realized so that the hot water is continuously supplied, and the constant temperature is guaranteed so that it can enjoy the bath without manual intervention.

3, the main reason why the combustion frequency conversion green engine fully automatic gas-fired boiler is popular in the market is mainly due to its burning frequency conversion, which is called "green engine" and "China environmental protection products" by industry insiders. For example, the fully automatic gas-fired boiler uses unique combustion frequency conversion, completely based on the actual temperature of the room, according to the temperature difference set by the user to intelligently control the combustion power and keep the temperature at the user's set value. So it provides a new mode for heating.

Hotels need to pay attention to what matters gas hot water diesel central heating boiler to buy? In recent years, hotels and guesthouses Use Cases gas hot water boiler heating system more and more. So how to choose before they can choose the right hotel gas hot water boiler? Here, Xiao Bian to share with you. 1. When selecting hotels during the gas hot water boiler, taking into account the hotel with water, heat, as well as the actual situation rooms and other places in need of water. 2. The building of the actual situation, such as building height, number of rooms, how many buildings and so on. The selection and erection of the late line to the boiler will have a certain impact. 3. Hotel reputation gas hot water boiler, quality, safety and other important factors also need to be considered, relatively more people in this hotel and the surrounding industrial chain denser places, for personnel and property safety, safety is a must It is strictly controlled. In short, Xiao Bian that, during the gas boiler hotel options, one local conditions; the second is word of mouth and security trade-offs and strict checks. The final selection of a suitable boiler.

How to deal with a hot water heating system dirt hot water diesel central heating boiler heating system due to the long run, coupled with unstable water quality, the system will gather a lot of dirt and water, if not addressed, will affect the operating results and the effect of heating boilers. What method of treatment for these soils have it? 1, the water is softened water main scale substance for calcium and magnesium salts, long demineralized water using an effective treatment method, i.e., nano-ion softening. In this method without fouling substances into the boiler system for removing fouling material from the water to the boiler should be affirmed. If implanted into the entire heating system and raw water supplemented feed water softening, softening residual hardness in the water quality standards at the high end, indicating that fouling material in water has not been fully processed. When the raw water and the makeup water are softened, it will produce a certain amount of slag. 2, decontamination decontamination apparatus installed in the boiler room and the indoor inlet duct systems, effectively separating water and slag. Whether vertically or horizontally, the design concept precipitated impurities are separated from the water by filtration and bulky. However, the metal filter in the duct near the water 2m / s, it is difficult to bear the impact of water, due to the effects of corrosion, it is difficult to maintain the life of the screen more than a month. How limited the volume of precipitation? In recent years, cyclone demister there are some problems in the gas particle separation. In the water, sand and clay difference in specific gravity in water is only large particles, small particles can not be separated, and thus separation of the detergent granules are limited. 3, the discharge of sewage boiler steam boiler is very important, the effect is very obvious, whether periodic or continuous emission discharge, can effectively excess salinity in the boiler water emissions. But the effect of sewage discharge hot water boiler is not obvious. Thus, a large flow of hot water boilers, with more than 20 times the capacity of the steam boiler. Commonly used method is to stop the pump circulating pump 2 hours, the water of impurities to be dissipated, and then open the drain valve, to see clean water. However, since the drain pipe installed in the drum and the lower header tank can not be discharged from the deposits, and therefore the effect of this method is limited. 4, for cleaning stains proved that the method of combining chemical and mechanical processing of slag processing is the most effective method. Some people believe that the heating system is equipped with an effective auxiliary water facilities after, there is no need to make any effort to clean it. This concept does not match with the actual situation. It should be said, the most effective and thorough approach is softened water treatment and joint cleaning.

In the near future, at home and abroad more than hazardous chemicals, major accidents have occurred, causing casualties and property losses. Is a profound lesson, Henan Energy Regulatory Office will co-Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice on alternative transformation of the province's coal-fired power business major hazard (liquid ammonia tank)" and actively promote the province's power industry ammonia tank alternative transformation.

"National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Board to implement the views on the promotion of electricity reform and development of the field of safety of" clearly "to strengthen the major hazards source control, there are significant hazards during the production of coal-fired power generation enterprises should study the implementation of major hazards alternative rehabilitation programs. " Henan Province TV as fire, liquid ammonia tank safety risk management and control situation is grim. To actively implement the "opinions" requirements, Henan Energy Regulatory Office investigation and carefully combing the province's power industry the basic situation of major hazards, and actively carry out reconstruction work research initiative to communicate the situation with the Office of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the provincial emergency management, efforts to promote reconstruction work as soon as possible. "Notice" requirement province of the power generation enterprises should further enhance political stance, overcome difficulties, vigorously promote the major hazard (liquid ammonia tank) and Improvement, under the premise to ensure safe production, the province's coal-fired generating units and strive to 2020 in liquid ammonia tank renovation completed before the end of December. New coal-fired power generation projects should all use the technical route no major hazard.

Next, Henan Energy Regulatory Office will replace liquid ammonia around the transformation as an important safety regulation. For failure to complete the transformation of liquid ammonia replacement power companies, to be included in the list of key regulatory target, for there are significant risks or accidents in accordance with regulations to be strictly punished according to law, and urge enterprises to strictly implement the main responsibility to effectively prevent accidents, efforts to increase intrinsic safety level of the enterprise.

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