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10T Boiler Diesel Boiler

10T Boiler Diesel Boiler

Little technical station: teach you to deal with waste water 10t boiler diesel boilers in long-term use, water treatment equipment will inevitably aging, when the device is not functioning properly, dirty denser water supply, water supply process contains a certain amount of sediment. When more and more with water containing the sediment component in the boiler was evaporated, and precipitated sediment substance, the boiler can lead to clogging of pipelines, the heat dissipation is poor, the probability of the boiler will squib. If water boiler slag formed irregularly discharging furnace, the clogging of the tubes will cause tube rupture. But also reduces the heat transfer. Boiler Blowdown purpose: to avoid the failure of the boiler, reducing the consumption of the boiler, to save energy and prolong the life of the boiler. A discharge wastewater treatment boiler 1, a continuous process: the number of frequent discharge, exclude the use of blowdown boiler bottom slag, and using the time interval small number of high sewage discharge method, a ratio of long sewage works much better way. 2. Reduction Act: first do the above said continuous disposal method, and then reduce the amount of effluent, the role and purpose of doing so is to ensure adequate supply of boiler, and boiler water quality can be controlled within the standard range, not because excessive blowdown leads to large fluctuations in boiler operation, maintenance and life span of the boiler is very serious. 3, time control: the use of boiler blowdown consistent time intervals to control the balance of water quality, making the boilers run more stable and healthy. Second, the wastewater treatment process boiler 1, porous ceramic filter plate works porous ceramic filter plate consisting of aggregates (quartz, alumina, silicon carbide, etc.) blended in certain binders, pore formers, rare earth resist, high temperature sintering, the ceramic plate is formed in a uniform size distribution lot, arch-shaped openings and interconnected microporous channels, when fluid passes through these tiny channels, suspended impurities in raw water, colloid particles, macromolecules, etc. trapped fluid generates various physical effects on the outer or inner surface of the microporous channels achieve mechanical screening, purification, or diffused, fluidized adsorption entrapment and other effects. 2, Sedimentation porous ceramic filter plate for suspension slag boiler water concentration wastewater treatment process of the boiler or the boiler bottom desulphurization dust discharged water up 100000mg / L or more, if directly into the porous ceramic filter, the filter increase the number of load and cleared of slag, thus still uses the old process, a high concentration of ash into the water tanks horizontal sedimentation settle, the settling time is generally 1 to 4 hours, 80% of the large particles settling down in the sedimentation tanks, and then flows into the first two lattice filtering tank for further processing. Sedimentation using a mechanical grab slag ash sedimentation tanks in the precipitation tank to maintain a continuous use. Water in less ash, ash deposition amount is small, can be designed into two lattice precipitate was filtered tank, a grid artificial slag, the operation of another cell used. After the pools filter effluent suspension by advection sedimentation or clarification is still as high mechanical acceleration 1000mg / l approximately, the smaller the particle size of fly ash, generally in 100um or less, that the most difficult part of fly ash, by natural sedimentation, settling velocity is slow in settling effect, this is the processing method of the original precipitation suspension is often difficult to reach because the emission standards. This process increases a grid behind sedimentation filtration tank, mounting a plurality of channel walls in the porous ceramic filter filter, gray water to the outer surface of the filter wall into the filter through the porous ceramic wall intermediate the ditch, and then concentrated pool water flows, the cement clinker ash impurities can not pass through pores, filter is blocked outside the wall, is formed from the filter layer, similar to the membrane filtration layer cladding, water becomes clear and transparent was filtered through the precoat layer. As the filter constantly, gradually thicker coating coated film, resistance increases, decreased production of water, filter the water level gradually increased, but when raised to a higher protective position, the filter should start cleaning, cleaning cycle is generally in about 60 days. The cleaning method may be used within the mud pump ash hopper ash periodically pumped sedimentation tanks, so that continuous operation using filter; small filters filter the water tank can be emptied manually dislodge the ash collection pits, then gun after washing the filter can be restored wall surface.

Steam 10t boiler diesel boiler brand so much, how should you choose? I have to say the past two years because of environmental issues, large and small boiler plants are beginning to make improvements after another, producing boilers, following small series to teach you a few precautions purchase, hoping to help you. Steam boiler brand so much, how should choose purchase Notes:? 1. Look manufacturers qualifications and strength. This is a very critical issue, boiler belong to special equipment, not authorized qualified countries, is not allowed to manufacture the boiler, if this proposal is to buy a large boiler, be sure to site visits to manufacturers, to prevent the bite. 2. Look at the structure of the boiler. For a mature producer, its structure is very reasonable, depending on whether it is simple to operate. 3. Look boiler appearance of the material, because this device look forward to the president in a dark place, if the material is not good, the appearance of a long time will rust, it will affect the efficiency of the boiler. 4. See Pressure. Currently the state more than 30 liters of boiler water level belong to special equipment, if you do not want to go to filing the annual inspection, then select the number of boilers, have to look at its water capacity is more than 30L. 5. Look above the boiler safety components is perfect. Three security component included in general boiler safety valve, level gauge, pressure gauge. Indispensable.

Our company has been committed to using environmentally friendly, a paper manufacturing process cleaner way, so we paid great attention to environmental protection 10t boiler diesel boilers and other properties in selected product when the boiler. The fast-party cooperation and boilers, our company is the right choice to make, party fast to the products we offer very environmentally friendly characteristics, and has high efficiency, for my company save a lot of costs. --customer feedback

Second, the 10t boiler diesel boiler water temperature

Rated supply temperature and return water temperature gas hot water boiler, mostly marked in accordance with the standard GB3166-82. The actual boiler for hot water, return water temperature according to weather conditions during the heating and the heating requirements of the decision. The adjustment method for heating in winter, there is a change of mass of the boiler water temperature regulation, but also the amount of change of the boiler flow rate adjustment cycle; therefore, the hot water boiler water temperature can change according to need.

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WNS 10t/h Automatic Control fuel Oil or Gas fired Steam Boiler The oil gas boiler is equipped with imported brand-name burner, depending on the different fuel burner10t h diesel steam boiler gas steam generatorASME 1 Ton/Hr Gas, Oil Steam Boiler with European Burner. steam boiler 10ton gas fired boiler.

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