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Energy Saving Boiler For Hospital

Energy Saving Boiler For Hospital

In October 2016, my company and the China Dunhuang International Hotel signed a ZWNSL2.1-1.0 / W-Y.Q vacuum condensing gas hot water energy saving boiler for hospital to provide heating and hot water for the hotel. The boiler implementing the response to the national policy of environmental protection requirements and local environmental protection departments on a series of low nitrogen emission standard boiler requirements, in terms of design, manufacture, installation and other sectors have strict checks to ensure that the boiler safe and stable operation.

First, preparatory work before the pressure test gas steam energy saving boiler for hospital 1, internal cleaning and inspection of the surface of the test portion. 2, to check whether or pipe clogging. 3, installed by a qualified legal department check the pressure gauge (not less than 2), after a year to conduct a check by the legal department. 4, close the valves on the gas-fired, the safety cover can be used to seal the valve seat, into the water from the inlet pipe at a locus (water temperature of 20 ~ 70 ℃), and the vent valve was opened evacuated vent valve was closed after the water to be filled . Ambient temperature should be above 5 ℃, or measures must antifreeze; and to prevent surface condensation boilers. 5, the pump inlet pressure test stand can be connected after a pump pressure. Second, a water pressure test gas steam boiler, gas steam boiler test pressure is 1.65MPa. 2, the water pressure should rise slowly, when the pressure rose to the working pressure should be suspended boost, check for leaks or anomalies, and then rose to the test pressure, maintained at this pressure for 20 minutes, then again down to work check the pressure, the pressure should remain unchanged during the inspection. Third, gas steam boiler pressure test security measures and precautions 1, is strictly prohibited flange bolts tightened when the pressure exceeds 0.3MPa. 2, the hydraulic pressure test, the scene should be specially marked to prevent accidental danger. 3 can not stand directly in front of the valve flange and the test weld. Fourth, the gas steam boiler hydrostatic test acceptance criteria 1, and no water mist on the walls of the pressure receiving element and the weld metal. 2, after the pressure test found no residual deformation.

In the low-nitrogen transformation energy saving boiler for hospital should pay attention to what is in the low-nitrogen transformation boiler should be noted? With the development of national environmental policies, people on the living environment of increasingly high. Many cities in the low nitrogen boiler renovation project of all sizes. Boiler is a special device, in the transformation, there are many considerations, square quick boiler we need to understand, we must pay attention in low-nitrogen transformation boiler. Note that the boiler be low-nitrogen transformation under professional guidance in all aspects need to be under the guidance of professional skills. At the same time, we must strictly seek professional help low nitrogen good reputation boiler reconstruction team to carry out construction and renovation work. This can effectively ensure the formation of a low-nitrogen rehabilitation programs for scientific boilers, boiler equipment, as well as the program strictly penetration in the actual operation and construction, the implementation of professional excellence transformation technology. Security note low nitrogen transformation process safeguards boiler is also an important part of the construction process. This requires the transformation team a full range of low-nitrogen boiler Harm the environment, workers and equipment boiler low nitrogen strict classification management and process management, more importantly, is to regulate the transformation of low nitrogen boiler and electrical equipment run. Boiler process. Note that low-nitrogen transformation test professional boiler most important thing is to pay attention to complete the transformation of professional work trials and to complete and put into use before the test by relying on technical experience, low nitrogen transformation test boiler also needs professionals. Performance testing and security testing of the boiler after the transformation of the normal operation of the boiler is an important measure and ensure safe operation. Therefore, low-nitrogen transformation process in boilers, in addition to brand choice, we should focus on looking for a professional sales team transformation of low nitrogen boiler work, transfer and transformation project to enrich the experience of a professional boiler companies, such as fast boiler, It has a strong protective efficiency and safety performance. In the transformation process, pay attention to the safety and security of personnel and equipment. After the transformation, but also to deal with the health and the safety and stability of the boiler thoroughly test the boiler normal production and use.

What are the advantages of condensing steam energy saving boiler for hospitals in use

Condensing steam boiler is one of the heating heat source equipment which is often used. It can not only bring energy saving and environmental protection to users in use, but also has simple and stable performance in operation of heat resistant and wear resistant condensing steam boiler. The reason why many enterprise users are willing to choose condensing steam boiler is mainly due to the following advantages:

1: energy-saving efficiency is good. It is well known that boilers need to consume a greater amount of thermal energy to produce thermal efficiency in the course of operation and use. Condensing steam boilers generate a continuous flow of thermal power through steam forms. In the process of using, the energy-saving effect is good and the power consumption is less and the thermal effect is good, so it can save more power consumption cost for the enterprise.

2: environmentally friendly, clean and highly condensing steam boilers use natural gas as fuel. There are no pollutants or exhaust gases, no odors, and no smoke and pollutants discharged into the air throughout the work process. Therefore, accord with the national environmental protection use related standard requirements, because the pollution emission in the big steam is less, so it is also used by many enterprises in a large amount.

3: the high safety factor in the operation of condensing steam boiler also has the intelligent controller to increase the safety factor of the equipment, so that the equipment can effectively evade all kinds of unsafe factors in the whole operation process. Moreover, the boiler can monitor the real-time dynamic of the equipment at any time through the protection of overheating or power outage and the real-time monitoring of water level or steam quantity, and the automatic safety protection measures can be started to ensure the safety of the whole boiler in the event of any anomaly.

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