"I got a HOLEP done on one of my relative in Soni hospital and I impressed with the professionalism & competence of the team here. And only good words for all the rest of paramedical & administrative staff. In future I will not hesitate to refer patients for this or other treatment to this center. "

"I was suffering from urinary problems since 2009. On investigations, it was found that I had an enlarged prostate gland weighing 215 grams. I underwent operation through KTP laser at another hospital in February 2010, but even then the symptoms continued afterwards. On further investigations, it was found that still 160 grams of prostate was still left. Then I came to Soni Hospital. The team here operated me through holmium laser and now post-operatively I am left with only 7 grams of prostate. I am highly thankful to Soni Hospital to help me resolve my continuing problems."

"It was pleasure to get treated at Soni Hospital. Fiber of laser mimics the brush of accomplished painter and look like a master art by Soni Hospital doctors. The treatment I received at the hospital was excellent and the supporting staff was also excellent."

"Highly satisfied with the treatment provided at Soni Hospital. I underwent two operations for left kidney stone and enlarged prostate under single anesthesia. Soni hospital offers world-class treatment facilities. I am highly thankful to the team and would refer many people in my country to come here for treatment."

"My laser surgery of the Prostate (HOLEP) is done at Soni Hospital. He performed the surgery in a professional way with full confidence and skill. His team at Operation Theater has done excellent performance."

"There are no words I could say to describe the service other than excellent, excellent, and excellent. My special thanks to everyone who had given me the confidence & made it a success. I will recommend to my fellows to get treatment from this Hospital. I am very glad that the system without surgery gave me to this hospital for treatment after undergoing 2 major open/ major surgeries on my right kidney. I feel better after a day's stay here. Thanks to all of you."

"A well-organized Hospital, cooperative staff, nice management under the leadership of Dr. Rajesh. Special thanks to Soni Hospital for the treatment they have given to me. I am very satisfied how the staff, management, Dr.'s & nurses were cooperative. Thanks for the treatment & thanks to Dr. Rajesh. "